History of Tortilleria La Bamba

leadteamTortilleria La Bamba was founded in January 2010 in Cleveland, Ohio by four young entrepreneurs (Leticia Ortiz, Jose Andrade, Ricardo Ortiz Round, and Enedina Ortiz). They saw demand for a local tortilla producer that could provide fresh, high-quality products. They created Tortilleria La Bamba.

Beginning this project was a bit difficult. They did not have employees, so they developed skills in production, cutting, packaging, delivery, billing, collection, etc. Along they way, they learned about all aspects of the restaurant and grocery supply business while creating efficient systems.

In the course of this beautiful adventure they had the support and help from family and friends.

Tortilleria La Bamba wishes to thank them wholeheartedly, as well as our employees and customers, since all have been instrumental in our success.

Since its founding until today, every morning there are hard working people producing tortillas to satisfy the tastes and needs of our customers.

Thanks to the loyalty of our customers we will continue working every day to to do our best to continue to offer a quality product and the best service our customers expect.